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Name:One Long Mission, the Naruto dressing room.
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Community description:This is a Naruto Dressing Room.

One Long Mission is a dressing room devoted to any and all Naruto characters. We take everyone here, be it AU muses from stories with no other home, RP characters that lost their games, canon characters you want to voice test, and more. We don't discriminate and only ask that you be kind to each other. AU story lines that aren't set in the universe of the dressing room are entirely welcome as well, so don't worry if you and a friend are just looking to continue something here that has nothing to do with the dressing room world. We'll probably have some events (we have a new event every week.) that cause AUs like these ourselves in fact, and players will be more than encouraged to continue any storylines started this way so long as they mark their posts appropriately.

All players should be advised that we do not keep anyone from playing as they like, and characters are permitted to veer into adult themes. Given that the characters here are all shinobi, it is likely that at some point extremely dark plots will arise and be played out, so please skim threads carefully.

As for the background of the world itself, all play is based in a place called Michi no Sato, which is a village set deep in the mountains of Jiten no Kuni. The only true shinobi in the village are those the characters bring, though there are remnants of generations past where the village used to once have a force of their own shinobi. Many indications seem to point toward these shinobi having either been born of, or simply being displaced nin such as yourselves. All Naruto-verse currencies are accepted, and seem to match up closely to the local kinds, so there is no fear that you'll suddenly find yourself without funds should you have some on you when you're brought over.

There are maps here, and here which show the layout of the village and the way Jiten no Kuni is situated with the other countries in the world.

Don't think that just because the shinobi coming in are new that the village had lain defenseless without them though! Michi no Sato has long been prepared for the possibility of coming under siege should the village to the west of them fall to Kutai no Kuni, and the previous shinobi residents understood this, setting up highly elaborate layered genjutsu over the village which require a chakra jolt, or someone leading you through it to distinguish the place at the bottom of the mountains as something other than empty stone. This is something that must be done every time someone leaves the boundaries of the village, and from time to time, the genjutsu itself changes, so one must keep aware of what is currently going on.

The layout of the village is one that has levels, starting with houses up on the cliff face itself to those at the very lowest point of the arc near the merchants. Weather is frighteningly unpredictable, but so long as you keep an ear to the ground there will always be someone willing to warn you if something is about to happen that the locals would consider normal.

That said, Michi no Sato welcomes you, and hopes that you enjoy your new home.

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